Here is a collection of my student's work for my Mentorship! I am so proud of their hard work and abilities that I am sharing it with the rest of you.

This is ranging from beginners to advanced! All this work was done in a month's time. I can personally recommend each individual as a hard worker, team player, and has a hunger to improve. Feel free to contact them if you are looking to hire amazing talent from all across the world. All info should be accessible through clicking on their image.


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Character Design May-June 2015

Environment (January-February, 2015)

Dynamic Lighting (November, 2014)

Creature Design (November, 2014)

Character Design (November, 2014)

Film Costume Design (October, 2014)

Environment Design (October, 2014)

Mech Design (September, 2014)

Character Design (August, 2014)