I drifted aimlessly on the river styx, bodiless and numb. Beside me coursed my fallen brothers; the lot of us forgotten among the fields of dead. Then I saw him: the Gatherer. His wicked blue cape and scanning eyes went unnoticed by the groaning souls that floated onward down the stream. But, not by me. I saw him, and he saw me.

He bent his mighty arms down into the river, and lifted my brother from the shapeless torrent. In his arms, my brother drew a gruesome breath, and was given life anew. Desperate to return to life, I clung to him as he rose, and climbed the monstrosity with my own ghastly arms. But he only stared at me disapprovingly, and with his other limbs, shoved me back into the stream of helpless souls.


Written by Kalan Ray
Illustrated by Anthony Jones