Anthony Jones - Artist, Mentor, Creator

I originally was a plumber apprentice then became a professional concept artist for games and films since 2007.

I worked for such companies like Blizzard, Sony Santa Monica, Western Costumes, Hasbro, Method Studios, Paramount Pictures, Wizards of the Coast.

I have also been a teacher since 2010 and strive to inspire others for many years. I currently run an online course over at with some of the best in the industry. 

I also make short, affordable and informative video tutorials for young aspiring artists. 

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Kalen Chock - Artist , Mentor 

Kalen Chock is a Visual Development Artist currently living in the Bay Area. He has always had a strong passion for art and enjoys any means of creative expression.

Kalen's client list include: Industrial Light and Magic , Autodesk, Ember Lab, Fantasy Flight, and Virtual Toys in Madrid. Currently Kalen is working on his own tactical RPG with Coda Games that will be released on Steam and PS4.

When he is not working he enjoys all things active including: soccer , basketball , and dancing



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