Old work collected, and robotpencil fanpage made! by Anthony Jones

Some work I may have yet to post is found here friends! I hope you enjoy! Also be sure to check out our Guild page found here >>http://www.robotpencil.net/guild/

As well as some new tutorials found here >>http://www.robotpencil.net/tutorials/

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New Website BLOG STYLE! by Anthony Jones

I've decided to change the format of my website to be more blog like. So you can comment and favorite if you'd like. 

This way we can have more iteration with those who care about the things I say or do, you can just stop by here and get some news. I'll try to post often so you can see what my thoughts are on topics based in the entertainment industry and such. I'm not a journalist so don't expect intense amount of research and indepth writing skills. 

Maybe in the future, but as of now. Not really :)

Anyways today's first piece of info is that we will be doing a Ustream at 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time so please stop by.

The topics will cover our thoughts on three new trailers, Starwars, Jurassic World, and Terminator. Also we'll cover the Sony hack, and the things that got exposed from it.

Thanks guys and well see you then and also the artwork has nothing to do with anything haha just painted it for fun.


Creative Juice Expo 2015 by Anthony Jones


The true goal of Creative Juice is to inspire people to pursue their own ideas as a viable option of making a living. Right now it seems like the only choices people have in terms of income are: Go to college and get a job. The expo is putting you in front of those who have achieved success through their own ideas and projects. Hear their stories, failures, and advice on achieving this for yourself.


  • Dedicated Q&A session/Interviews
  • Dedicated portfolio review opportunities
  • Opportunity to purchase products from individuals (Books/Prints/etc.)
  • In depth lectures from every instructor
  • Opportunity to participate in contests with cash prizes


  • Dan Luvisi - Creator of LMS (Last Man Standing) Franchise.
  • John J. Park - Owner of Cottonwood Art and host of Brainstorm Facebook group.
  • Ash Thorp - Director and visual designer for film and commercials.
  • Maciej Kuciara - Online educator and designer for the film industry.
  • Zhang Jingna - Fashion, beauty, commercial photographer.
  • Dominic Qwek - Online educator and 3D Sculptor at Blizzard Entertainment
  • Raf Grassetti - Online educator and 3D Sculptor at Sony
  • Steve Jung - CO founder of Redengine studios and a renowned concept artist for the Film industry.
  • Jung Park - CO founder of Redengine studios and a renowned concept artist for the Game industry.
  • Ryan Delk - Head of marketing for www.Gumroad.com
  • Jeffrey W. Rose - Entertainment lawyer for intellectual properties
  • Anthony Jones - Creator/Host of Creative Juice Expo and owner of Robotpencil mentorship


Saturday and Sunday, Jan 31st - Feb 1st 2015
9:00AM - 6:00PM
 (With a lunch hour)


Business Expo Center in Anaheim near Angels Stadium. Address: 1960 S Anaheim Way, Anaheim, CA 92805




-Anthony Jones, and John Ribera, are running  the event with Business Expo Center. Feel free to contact either

John.Robotpencil@gmail.com, or the venue marketing@businessexpocenter.com

Star Wars 7 FAN ART... sort of by Anthony Jones

Just finished my Dynamic Lighting Class and decided to do a final demo on my love for the new Star Wars trailer. The class was awesome and can't wait to show off the final stuff later this week.

During the demo thought about my own ideas of Light Weapons.

Teaching them that at the end of the day, it's about if it's bad ass or not, and does it signify the personality of the Jedi/Sith rather than is it practical.

Remember folks, this is fantasy stuff man, and when we were kids or young adults watching these great films, we enjoyed it for the story and the adventure. Never did we hear people complain so much about everything.

Remember how people thought a talking raccoon was silly, and remember how Star lord's helmet doesn't cover his hair/scalp and is now exposed to open space. But no one cares right? because Guardians of the Galaxy is fun and awesome!

I mean Starwars has giant dogs, and people who can move shit with their brains. The same complaint of explaining why something is scientifically practical is what took something like the force which was this mysterious awesome power to midichlorians and science. The talk about trade and government caused the prequels to become borefests. At least for me, and this is my opinion. My real complaint is, why are we already complaining about something that has not even come out yet.

So I think the best time to really judge a movie or game or whatever, is after you have truly experienced the final product. Until then, who knows.

But I'm on the light side on this one. I have high hopes, and the only real thing that can take those hopes and optimism away is if the movie is bad. Which can most certainly happen.

Anyways, I'm digging the nun-chuck light sabers.