New Website BLOG STYLE! / by Anthony Jones

I've decided to change the format of my website to be more blog like. So you can comment and favorite if you'd like. 

This way we can have more iteration with those who care about the things I say or do, you can just stop by here and get some news. I'll try to post often so you can see what my thoughts are on topics based in the entertainment industry and such. I'm not a journalist so don't expect intense amount of research and indepth writing skills. 

Maybe in the future, but as of now. Not really :)

Anyways today's first piece of info is that we will be doing a Ustream at 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time so please stop by.

The topics will cover our thoughts on three new trailers, Starwars, Jurassic World, and Terminator. Also we'll cover the Sony hack, and the things that got exposed from it.

Thanks guys and well see you then and also the artwork has nothing to do with anything haha just painted it for fun.