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The facebook group for the mentorship is exclusive to those who sign up for any class or pay for entry. To pay for entry you must contact

Why would you want to join the facebook group? Well this is an invite only group and the people involved are serious about improving their art and are actively hosting google hangouts, skype chats, and open discussion on improving. Peer critiques are giving out regularly and the community is extremely supportive and friendly. We also give out cash prizes for art challenges and activity. We reward good work and good attitude. In fact the reason there is a cash entrance is to provide higher cash prizes and more strict entry. Not anyone can just join. Even though there are plenty of great places you can go to have free interaction with great artists, which I recommend, this is made to stay relatively small, and highly active. For more information or permission for entry email or fill out the survey on the side. 


Link to the Facebook Group