This is a community of well versed and talented individuals who work extremely hard and help one another in terms of pursuing a career in the world of Entertainment Arts. 

Our goal is the keep the forum Friendly, Constructive, and Extremely Useful, for those who can't afford to be apart of a community that is not attentive to their personal goals. Aside of being part of a great group of people, there will be many perks to the forum.

  • Private Q&A's
  • Access to dozens of video tutorials
  • Cash Prize Challenges
  • Video Courses to assist in portfolio creation
  • Occasional Portfolio Reviews from Anthony Jones
  • Occasional Constructive Feedback from Anthony Jones

This is a great way to be apart of a huge community of artists and actually be heard and respected. For those who contribute to this forum, we will reward you with highlighting your efforts and potential cash rewards. For those who join and break the rules and are unnecessarily hostile, you will receive a refund and will be suspended from the forums. 

It is important we keep the forums positive and insightful. Build priceless friendships and networks and really share experiences with artists from all over the world. So if you can drop $20 bucks a month or $200 a year, you can be a part of this experience and I promise you it is well worth it. Alternatively if you SIGN UP to any of our mentorships you are AUTOMATICALLY invited to the Robotpencil GUILD


For More information email or help email--

Also if you have Signed up already but have yet to get invited message and or reach me at my facebook