What you can expect from the the Mentorship.

30-60 minute precise video tutorial and assignment. The video tutorial will literally give you the specific and practical knowledge you will need to make an amazing piece of art. Also vague enough for you to be creative and put your own spin on what is expected of you.

Meet up twice a week for critiques and Q&A. You will meet up through gotomeeting in which your work for the class will be evaluated, and painted over. Questions are live and asked through Skype, or through skype's chat and asked for you. Look to the curriculum on for more details between the 4 weeks versus the 8  weeks.

Life advice and mentoring. You will get advice not only on art, but on everything that may concern you as an artist. We are here to be your mentors and teach you everything you need to know about being a professional artist. From working freelance, living abroad, lack of motivation, studio jobs, networking, and anything else that's on your mind.

Portfolio review and feedback. Lastly, there will be a portfolio review in which all your work that you have done before the class, will be critiqued to help you get the type of jobs you are looking for. The critiques will be honest, and firm to aid you in the proper mindset to progress and grow well after the mentorship is done.

Everything is saved and you can see EVERYONE's progress. All the Meetings are recorded so you can view them again at your leisure. Even after the classes are finished.

For more info email John.robotpencil@gmail.com



There is now a new TWO MONTH CLASS, in which the class extends for another 4 weeks. You will be sharing the class with those who only paid for the 1 month course, but will be given extra treatment and specific type of feedback during the course.  During the total 8 week course you are also given one extra 1 hour lecture on advancing your skills even further every week. This will be shared with any other two month students as well. Also you will receive a special one on one review with Anthony every two weeks. These are scheduled for convenience. Look to the Curriculum on the side for what is expected during the 4 extra weeks.

These TWO MONTH advanced classes, are made for people who are ready to try to get a job, and want to truly put together a professional portfolio. The strategy of these classes are to put them two months before a huge convention/expo/event for students to attend and apply for jobs. The one specifically is GDC in San Fransisco in early March. Even if you are not able to attend the event, Anthony will go for you and apply in your name. The point of the Mentorship has always been to give real information, education and real opportunities. This is why the classes sell out and why a lot of people highly recommend it to their friends. For more info email John.robotpencil@gmail.com

The class is all prerecorded so even if you can't make the live tutorials, you can watch them later for your convenience. All questions you may have can be resubmitted before your works review, and will be answered during the live critique.

 email John.Robotpencil@gmail.com
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-Introduction to Character design. Will do 20 (50 if you are in advanced class) thumbnail colored iterations to help you get a good head start on design.

-Taking the color thumbs to a more resolved sketch/finish and begin the iteration process towards finalizing the concepts.

-Further refinement and buckling down on the last few weeks to make the concepts not only presentable but professional.

-Polish the 3 (10 if you are in advanced class) color character concept, and portfolio review.

For Extended Two Month Students.

-Taking the best 5 designs and doing evolution passes on their design. Establishing different Tiers for each iteration.

-Polishing the designs, and working on weapon design for each.

-Taking all the designs for the whole class, putting together a professional presentation to put in your portfolio.

-More Polish and final touches. Mandatory Portfolio Review.



Waiting List

If you'd like to be added to the waiting list please sign up. Once you are on the waiting list, you'll get first notice on what classes are available. For questions email Will.Robotpencil@gmail.com, William can provide you with all the info you'll need. Thank you!


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