Study Room

Study Room, this is a place to practice your skills. As time goes on, I'll have many of these things as you scroll down.

If the study room is laggy, it is browser based. Chrome should work the best,
but try FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Edge. 

Roadmaps are made for you to do as daily exercises to sharpen your skills.
I'll be updating as often as it seems practical, but consider that
there is no order to which you should start, you be the judge.

But a good way to determine whether or not you are ready for a Roadmap
do it for a week or so and if it's very easy, then move on to the next one or double the workload.



  • 1,2,3,4 Change of materials of respected objects
  • 0 (zero) reset materials
  • Q, W slide through different scenes
  • Arrow Keys to change lighting position
  • Spacebar to reset Camera

Right Click and Drag to pan the camera

2017 07 02 22 22 26

Left Mouse Click and Drag to rotate camera

2017 07 02 22 22 10

Mouse Wheel Scroll to zoom in or out with camera

2017 07 02 22 23 16


Demo for this soon, but basically you Press 1 then try to design using the pattern made by these three shapes. Keep RED as your first read, BLACK, as your second read, and GREY as your third read.