Video Tutorials

As it stands, I have a LOT of videos so I'll be going through them one by one, to add THUMBNAIL images to each as time goes on. 
Not all videos have voice over, but the majority do!

ALSO all videos aren't uploaded just yet, but soon will be. I'll be adding them periodically and once I have them all up and running I'll let everyone know who has signed up!

If you click on the bottom right icon of each video you can view it in FULLSCREEN! You can also access this page on your mobile device and watch from there. 


Painting with Confidence - Course

Lesson 1 and 2

Lesson 3 and 4

Lesson 5-8

Practice Makes Perfect

These videos are more instructional on how to perfect overall painting and design skills. Enjoy!

Just Keep Painting

These videos should keep you painting! A lot of them about design and painting techniques.

Design your Heart Out

These videos will help you design better and how to think about design

3D is not so Scary

3D videos to help you get started and to learn more about 3D tools that seem scary at first. 

Other Videos

Other videos is just the random videos I have done.